We have high, constantly expanded qualifications and experience gained while working with various business entities.

Our accounting office Fiskus offers full services in the field of accounting for small and medium-sized and large enterprises. Our clients get the opportunity to be exempted from the need to fill out intricate applications themselves, which allows them to focus on their own company.

The entrepreneur does not have to follow complicated and rapidly changing tax regulations. He also does not have to worry about signing tax returns and ZUS, all declarations after authorization by the client are sent electronically to the appropriate offices.

We also provide full HR and payroll service.

Our company uses the highest quality professional programs that are constantly updated in accordance with applicable regulations. Currently, our company uses advanced software, that allow us to professionally approach customer service.

The area of ​​our services will be tailored to individual customer needs. If you would like to read the full offer of the office and get more information about the form of cooperation, please contact us by phone or email.

The professional knowledge our employees have comes from constant internal training, access to the latest publications and specialized information services.

Tax book of revenues and expenses

Tax book of revenues and expenses: keeping the tax book of revenues and expenses, keeping records for VAT purposes, keeping records for PIT purposes, keeping records of fixed assets, determining due advance payments for PIT, preparing VAT declarations, PIT, JPK

HR and payroll

Keeping personal files and personnel documentation, preparing payrolls, settling the declarations of the owner and employees in the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), determining advance tax payments remuneration, preparation of earnings certificates, preparation of employment certificates, calculation of obligations to ZUS, preparation of PFRON declarations, assistance in servicing ZFŚS, preparation of PFRON declarations, preparation of annual declarations for employees and contractors, close cooperation with clients during inspections

Tax consultations

Tax interpretation of economic events, analysis of contracts concluded by clients, development of tax optimal concepts for carrying out intended events business

Settlements with the Tax Office and ZUS

Settlements with the Tax Office once with the Social Insurance Institution

Preparation of documentation related to the registration of a new company, its suspension or liquidation

Assistance in establishing a CEIDG company – we will help you fill out an application to CEIDG, choose the optimal form of taxation, determine the classification of business activities, assistance with registration / changes in the National Court Register – establishment of companies, registration of changes, preparation of all documents for changes and registration,

Trading books

Keeping commercial books, preparing financial statements, keeping records for CIT and VAT purposes, preparing CIT and VAT declarations, preparing JPK, inventory of clearing accounts, preparation of accounting policy, preparation of periodic balance sheet