About us

Why us?

We have been operating on the market since 2007 in the form of a limited company, which was founded on the basis of professional experience gained by the company’s founders. Our team consists of accountants with many years of experience, certified by the Ministry of Finance and a number of training courses in accounting, finance and HR with extensive practice in the field of HR and payroll. We are flexible and open to new ideas. We are able to adapt to the requirements of our clients. We serve entities with different business profiles and legal forms. Thanks to many years of experience, the work performed by our team is at the highest possible level, and we recognize our clients’ satisfaction and trust as our main goal and motto.


We are distinguished by the fact that we work in a permanent team, and one specific accountant will be responsible for your company. We provide professional accounting services for companies from Olsztyn and the surrounding area. We place great emphasis on substantive preparation, professionalism, reliability and a pleasant atmosphere in our office


We represent the client’s interests before state offices and institutions, and during the audit we stay in touch with the controlling officials. The team of office employees currently consists of 8 people including an expert in the field of human resources and payroll as well as a person highly trained in the field of GDPR.

Certificate of the Ministry of Finance

The company’s shareholders hold a Certificate of the Ministry of Finance authorizing to provide bookkeeping services